5 Easy Steps for Waking Up Tired Looking Skin

5 Easy Steps for Waking Up Tired Looking Skin

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Dreamy Skin is One Step Away

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Skin fatigue is a real thing, ladies. There are so many elements that go into our skin becoming dehydrated, tired, and lacking that glow we try to re-create every single day. While basic reasons like not enough sleep or water can make drastic differences in our skin, it doesn't mean that you have to succumb to looking tired all of the time. Everything you need to know to wake up your tired looking skin, and get your glow on pronto is just one click away!​

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Use SPF Every Single Day

Cle de Peau

SPF is something you should be wearing daily on your skin no matter what, and what most people don't realize is this really is the key to anti-aging above pretty much everything else. When you wear SPF you allow your skin to be protected from harmful UV rays that cause aging, sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and all the things we try so hard to avoid. Too much sun on the skin causes dehydration, so when you apply a rich SPF you're really giving yourself a boost in more ways than one. Slather it all over your face on top of moisturizer, and don't neglect your neck or chest area either, as these are common places age and sunspots form.​

This face SPF from Cle de Peau Beaute gives a very soft sheen to the skin and is dewy all by itself! You can use it as a moisturizer too, and it helps create a beautiful finish under your foundation as a primer. Pair it with this illuminating moisturizer from Tata Harper for an all-day glow.В

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Beat the 3pm Slump


If you've ever experienced an energy slump around 3 pm, you know you're feeling a bit worn out one minute, and looking for a snack or caffeine fix the next. Your skin goes through similar drops in luster levels through the day, so keeping a nice facial mist or spray in your bag packed with nutrients and essential oils is the best way to combat dry, patchy, and dull looking skin. Give yourself a few spritzes and inhale all the goodness, it will be like a mini spa experience, and who doesn't love that?В

This Beauty Elixir from Caudalie is a fabulousВ facial mist, as it's packed full of rose extract, grape extract, organic mint balm and orange blossom water.

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Use Color Corrector


Color correcting and concealing is the best way to hide dark circles under the eyes or red patches on the face. When you color correct, you neutralize the dark and then when concealer is blended on top, everything is highlighted and covered. Lightly apply corrector with a foundation brush or Beauty Blender Sponge, and then cover with your concealer of choice. This will wake you up instantly no matter how many hours of sleep you've gotten, and should always be a staple in your makeup bag.В

Top Product Pick: Cover FX Correct Click Color Corrector in "Natural Finish"

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Dream with Cream

Verso Skincare

Night cream is one of the best ways to hydrate your skin, especially if you're more of a face lotion type person during the day. Applying a rich, moisturizing cream is a great way to add instant hydration to your skin, and is a relaxing ritual you can always practice to calm you down before bedtime. Since cream goes a long way, you just need a dime sized amount for your whole face​ and make sure you're massaging it in your skin to get the blood flow going for that nice, natural healthy flush. Voila! You'll be waking up with an instant glow.В

Top Product Pick: Verso Skincare Night Cream

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Use Liquid Highlighter

Laura Geller

The easiest makeup trick besides color correcting is adding highlighter to your daily routine for an instant dewy glow. Use liquid highlighters versus powders as they create more of a hydrated feel and look, and be sure to blend it well so it doesn't look too shiny. Taking a liquid or cream highlighter, putting it on your cheekbones and lightly blending with your fingers or Beauty Blender Sponge is the best way to a long-lasting highlighter that looks natural and pretty.В

Top Product Picks: Laura Geller Easy Illuminating Highlighting StickВ

If you're a minimal makeup wearer, apply a stronger lip to brighten your skin tone up. It's best practice to focus on the eyes or lips, so if you tend to play up your eyes, switch to the lips for something different and fun.


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