10 Short, Edgy Haircuts to Inspire Your New Style

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Short, Edgy Haircuts and Styles

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The biggest misconception of croppedВ haircuts is the idea that the styling options are limited. Even the shortest buzz cuts can be as versatile as longer lengths with a little creativity. Find inspiration for your next style from the 10 short, edgy haircuts shown below.

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Dua Lipa's Short Blunt Cut

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An edgy hairstyle doesn't have to be complicated. A simple, sharp bob like Dua Lipa's perfectly completes her look without taking the focus away from her face. For a haircut like his, ask your hairstylist for blunt ends right below your jawline.

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Dilone's Platinum Buzz Cut

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Nothing is bolder or edgier than a shaved hairstyle.В Dilone'sВ super-short cut makes even more of an impact in a bright blonde hue like the platinum color shown here.В

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Lucy Boynton's Bedhead Bob Cut

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Whoever says flyaways are bad clearly hasn't seen Lucy Boynton'sВ look here. For this bedhead bob, the wispier, the better. Let your hair air dry if you have a natural wave, or create organic bends in the hair with a flat iron. Then, muss it up with a little backcombing and texturizing spray. Sweep the pieces around your face behind your ears to finish.

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Lana Condor's Short Hair and Edgy Color

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From the front, Lana Condor's soft waves seem like a classic choice. But a quick flip of her head reveals the peek-a-boo lavender streaks in the back of her mid-length bob. If you're wanting to try a look like this just for the night, use clip-in extensions of a temporary spray tint for a similar effect.

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Solange's Blonde Bun

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If you think short haircuts can't be pulled back, you're missing out on a whole category of short, edgy hairstyles. For this look, Solange's hair is styled in a perfectly imperfect low bun. The lived-in hairstyle complements the sleekness of her outfit for an overall cooler vibe.В

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Rowan Blanchard's Pixie Cut and Wet Look

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When it comes to short, edgy hairstyles, the less contrived they look, the cooler they feel. Rowan Blanchard's effortless wet style appears as if she just stepped out of the shower, but the shiny, piece-y strands actually take a little behind-the-scenes magic. A lightweight gel or styling cream will give the effect of soaked strands without actually requiring water.

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Kristen Stewart's OmbrГ© Pixie Cut

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Kristen Stewart's choppy layers and deep side part feel are made even edgier with her ombrГ© hair color and darker roots. Not only could you stretch out a piece-y style like this, we think it would look even better day two or three after a wash.

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Kiersey Clemon's Short Silver Strands

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Kiersey Clemons's icy gray color looks even more striking in a short slicked style like this one. For gray color that's vibrant and bright like Kiersey's, use a silver conditioner to maintain the tone and boost your shine.

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ZoГ« Kravitz's Textured Crop

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For this pixie look, the stylist worked with Zoë Kravitz's natural texture-not against it. To recreate the texture and shape like this, warm a pinch of styling pomade into the palms of your hands, and use your fingers to work it through the strands from roots to ends.В

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Cara Delevingne's Shaggy Bob

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Remember the famous Meg Ryan haircut? Cara Delevingne's shortВ crop is a modern take on that early '00s favorite style. Side-swept bangs are typically too soft to be considered edgy, but when paired with lots of shaggy layers, they take on a cool-girl, rocker vibe.