This Product Replaced Every Single Foundation I Own

This Product Replaced Every Single Foundation I Own

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When it comes to foundation, I generally have a clear idea of what I like: I'm fond of lightweight products that offer a slightly dewy, long-wearing, sheer finish that still lets my freckles still shine through. I've spent the past two years going back to two foundations and use them regularly. However, one day I tried Revlon's Photoready Insta-Filter Foundation (ВЈ13), and everything I thought I knew about foundation changed.

Revlon Photoready Insta-Filter Foundation $13Shop

A flawless-finish foundation isn't something I'd normally pick up, as I like products that promise me a natural finish, but I was pleasantly surprised as I buffed this pick over my skin. It's light, creamy and melts into the skin, leaving you with a smooth, fresh finish. The light-filtering technology gives your complexion a subtle sheen and also helps even out your skin tone. There's a built-in sponge (handy for on-the-go touch-ups), but I used my trusty Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush (ВЈ15) to blend this in. I find a brush easier to use, as it gets into all the small nooks of your face. You can see below how nice and natural it looked on my skin.


The thing with Revlon's Photoready Insta-Filter Foundation is that it's long-wearing, so you could wear it all day in the sweltering heat (I wore it to Wilderness Festival) and not have to worry about it melting off. However, it still lets your natural skin show through-something that's important to me when it comes to foundation. I think it's safe to say I've found my new ride-or-die product.

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