I Flew 21 Hours for This Facial, and Boy It Was Worth It

I Flew 21 Hours for This Facial, and Boy It Was Worth It

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Last month, I spent eight glorious days in New York City. I shopped, ate too many salmon bagels, sipped on Negronis at rooftop bars, and in true beauty editor fashion, I hit up an expertly-curated selection of spas and retail stores. Turns out, New York gave me one of the best facials of my life, so I feel the need to share for anyone who might be making the trip sometime soon. And even if you aren't, I've included a curation of products so you can recreate a similar experience at home.В

Keep scrolling for my ultimate New York City beauty guide (and zero judgement if you find yourself booking flights at the end of this).В

Cap Beauty

This combinedВ store and spa located in the West Village actually spoke to me on an emotional level. With the theme of "high vibrational beauty", Cap is basically a treasure chest of potions, elixirs, and supplements designed to help you feel like your best self. It hosts a lot of brands that are difficult to get here in Australia like Goop, Moon Juice, Sun Potion, Captain Blakenship, Kypris, and Shiva Rose, and everything sold is 100 percent natural.

I had the 60 Minute Signature Facial, and it was bliss.В My therapist, Amity, used a blend of Marie Veronique and In Fiore products, combined with an epic massage that gave me cheekbones I didn't know existed. In general, it was one of those holistic, sensorial treatments that left me floating on cloud nine. Also, my skin looked incredible after-plump, dewy, and glowing. Afterwards, I browsed the store whilst sipping on a chocolate-y beauty latte. Truth be told, I didn't want to leave. I could have spent thousandsВ on all of the beautiful products (think CBD oil for sore muscles, Awashganda powders for stress, and crystal-spiked serums for calm, happy skin), but frankly, my baggage allowance wouldn't allow it. Overall, it was magical, and I quite literally am considering franchising so we can have one here in Australia. For a similar vibe, try theВ Natural Radiance Facial at Tribe Beauty in Bronte.В

Shop My Cap Beauty Edit:

In Fiore Fleur Vibrante: Face Balm Compact $168ShopIn Fiore Comfrey Solution $235Shop

Rescue Spa

Walking intoВ Rescue Spa is what I imagine walking into heaven to be like: Bright, white, and walls lined with Biologique Recherche. Located a few blocks behind the Flatiron Building, Rescue Spa is an incredible space that caters to your every skin and massage need, as well as hair, makeup, manis, pedis, and brows-so you can basically walk in feeling like the shell of a human and leave looking like Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala.

I settled in at the waiting area once I arrived and nibbled on bliss balls and mint-infused water whilst I waited for my therapist, concerned over the state of my skin as I had only stepped off a 21-hour flight a few hours prior. I was booked in for the Biologique Recherche "Le Lift Parisienne" Treatment, and oh my goodness-bliss. After lashings of P50 (one of the world's greatest skincare products, IMHO), LED therapy, and Placenta Serum, my "I just flew around the world and look like shit" skin was baby smooth, hydrated, and free of aeroplane gunk. It wasn't quite as zen as Cap, and more of a straight-shooter treatment (there were no crystals or sage), but it was phenomenal. The closest thing in Sydney is definitelyВ Mel Grant (if you're dying for some TLC).В

Shop My Rescue Spa Edit:

Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant $176ShopBiologique Recherche P50 Lotion $91Shop


I visited theВ Credo Clean Beauty store in Soho, and it was so, so beautiful. I love a natural beauty brand, so this store was basically Nirvana. Think Tata Harper, Kosas, RMS Beauty, and Olio E Osso, plus a stuck of other undiscovered holistic brands I'd never heard of. Again, I could have picked up about one billion different products and happily swiped my credit card, but instead all I grabbed was one Kosas lipstick, which i just love. I actually can't recommend this store enough for a curated edit of natural, clean, holistic beauty brands.В

Shop My Credo Clean Beauty Edit:

Kosas Weightless Lipstick $36ShopOlio E Usso Balm $45Shop

Aire Ancient Baths

I booked myself intoВ Aire Ancient Baths after I was recommended by a fellow beauty editor and actually struggled to get an appointment due to a movie being filmed there almost the entire time I was in New York. Luckily, I managed to snag a 10 p.m. slot one night, and off I went, having never been to a bath house before. I admit I was confused when I arrived (is this a naked vibe-please god tell me it isn't), and I was also instructed to wear little reef shoes, so I was slightly unsure of what was coming.

But, as I was ushered into a dark, cavernous room glowing from hundred and hundreds of candles, I was in awe. There were a bunch of different pools, ranging from thermal baths, to icy plunge pools, to mineral-rich float tanks. There was also a huge sauna, and warmed marble seats where you could sit and enjoy a tea. There was also a huge mound of pink sea salt you could use to scrub your skin before you roamed the different baths at your leisure. In the end, it was one of the calmest, most serene two hours of my life, and I felt like I'd quite literally washed the world away. Sore calf muscles were soothed, tight shoulders were loosened, and my stiff neck was relaxed. I actually can't think of any similar places in Australia, it was that unique!В

Shop My Aire Ancient Baths Edit:

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