This Is the Best Texturising Product Ever, According to Kendall Jenner's Stylist

There's a handful of highly-coveted hairstylists in the world, andВ Jonathan Colombini is one of them. FromВ Kendall to Kylie, and a whole bunch of editorial work in between, Colombini has certainly done the rounds when it comes to high-profile styling. Which is exactly why we took the opportunity to ask him a barrage of questions on a recent trip in Sydney where he was promoting the Lady JayneВ Pro Brush range (they're seriously great, by the way). So, if you want to know the best texturising spray, or how to get perfectly blow-dried bangs every single time (and the best tools for the job), keep scrolling.В


What's the number one hair trend going to be this year?В

Flat iron waves. Loose, effortless, and super easy.В

And the one trend that's over?В

The beach wave. Also, ombre. The recession is over-get your roots touched up!В

What are your current favourite styling products?В

I'm a texture guy, so my top five would be the Sachajuan Ocean MistВ ($40), David MalletВ LГЄ Volume Spray ($56), Evo Casual Act Moulding PasteВ ($38), Oribe Dry ShampooВ ($64), and SachajuanВ Strong HairsprayВ ($40) (which is actually really flexible).

And the single best product you've ever used?

That's like asking a parent to choose their favourite child-it's impossible. But if I HAD to choose, Sachajuan Ocean MistВ ($40). It's truly, exactly what your hair would do at the beach.

When you're working with a celebrity, do you collaborate on the look, or do they give you free reign?

I always pull my inspiration from the wardrobe. There will always be a piece that stands out to me, and I'll know just what direction to go. So absolutely it's a collaboration.В

What about Kendall's hair. Any tips on how to emulate her texture?В

Kendall loves easy, natural, lived-in hair. I literally put some bends in with the tongs, use a texturising mousse, and either a dry shampoo or some sort of paste on the ends.В

How do you usually prep hair before styling?В

For me, being into natural texture and not wanting disturb that, I usually start with a volume or texture spray. I'll rough dry it into the hair and really focus on smoothing out ends. I like a boar bristle brush to do this-the Lady JaneВ Porcupine Radial BrushВ ($29) is perfect. I prefer the small size for more control. Once texture and structure is established, then my prep work is done.В

What's your go-to wet weather style?

Hair and rain just don't mix. You're fooling yourself if you think any hairstyle wan withstand a wet, miserable day. Make those days a hat day. I love a chic fedora on a women.В

What about bangs? What are your best styling tips?В

It depends on the length, but fringes are best when they're clean and rough-dried by hand. If you have longer, Bridgette Bardot-style fringe, then the smallВ Lady JayneВ Porcupine Radial BrushВ ($29) is perfect. Roll the fringe onto the round brush, and blow dry from underneath. Smooth and continue to roll the brush through until it's dry. Once done, roll the fringe onto the brush, and set with a blast of cool air.В

What's your blow-drier of choice?В

Parlux, because it's super lightweight, gets hot enough, and not too noisy (so I can keep a conversation with my clients).

Where do you look for inspo?В

The runway. Paris and London fashion week have me shook this year!

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