Confirmed: This Is the Best Way to Highlight an Oval Face

Ever copied a friend's highlighting technique only to discoverВ that the finished look doesn't have the same sculpting effect on you as it does on her? It's a little known fact that there is an art to applying luminiserВ to best suit your individual face shape, so it's likely that you might not need to apply your highlighter in the same way as someone else.

In order to find out more, we called on makeup artist Jasmin Lo to help demystify the highlighting process. She has carried out a series of tutorials using three women from the Byrdie Australia office where she explains all the tricks you need to know to get it right every time. First up, you'll wantВ to figure out your natural face shape, thenВ put theВ Marc Jacobs Coconut Face CollectionВ (which features some seriously glow-boosting products) to work. ForВ the first in the tutorial series we're tackling the oval face shape.

Keep scrolling for the how to.


Sevak Babakhani

According to Lo, if your face is naturally long and slim, you likely have an oval face. To make the most of your bone structure, follow the guide above and focus on the apples of cheeks (not all the way down your cheekbones), and the inner corners of your eyes. Adding highlighter in these strategic spots gives the illusion of width and dimension.В


Sevak Babakhani

1. Apply primer as a base to hydrate and perfect. (We used Marc Jacobs Beauty's cultВ Undercover Perfecting Coconut Primer,В $63.) Next, buff on your foundation or tinted moisturiser, and spot conceal.

2. Using yourВ ring finger, tap the a tiny dab of highlighter at the topВ your cheekbones, blendingВ itВ down and onto the apples. (Try Marc Jacobs Beauty's Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, $63.)

3. With the leftover product on your finger, carefully highlight the inner corners of your eyes. (You can also use a small pointed brush for extra precision.)В

4. Sweep a shimmer-free bronzer just underneath the cheekbones to create shadow and contrast. (We used Marc Jacobs Beauty'sВ Limited Edition O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan Bronzer, $72.)В

5. To finish, use your pinky finger to dot a teensy amount of highlighter at your cupid's bow.


Sevak Babakhani

Fashion Credit: Bianca Spender Blush Velvet Wonderland GownВ ($478).

Talent: Alison Rice; Photographer: Sevak Babakhani;В Makeup: Jasmin Lo;В Hair: Anthony Nader for Oribe;В Styling: AmandaВ Stavropoulos;В Creative Direction: Lisa Patulny.


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