Beauty Editors Are Going Nuts for This Etsy Brand

Beauty Editors Are Going Nuts for This Etsy Brand

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Daly Beauty

"Have you heard of French Girl Organics?" a fellow editor asked me at an event several months back. As innocuous as it might seem for two people in the beauty biz to trade brand recommendations, the question floored me-and not just because the label she mentioned happened to be a very recent obsession of mine. I had recently stumbled across French Girl on Etsy, of all places, a site I frequent regularly for vintage clothing and handcrafted homewares rather than my beauty product supply. Struck by the brand's all-natural MO and gorgeously minimal, pulled-together aesthetic, I became a fast fan-and given its unlikely flagship site, I assumed it might be my best-kept secret.

The exchange with that editor shook that assumption. Then, several others over the coming months-all with different people, all unsolicited-unraveled it entirely. With a spotlight on (and several mentions right here on Byrdie), it's safe to say that French Girl is firmly on the radar (and Instagram feeds) of beauty editors everywhere-not to mention the virtual shelves of Anthropologie, Goop, and others. Next up? The vanities of the masses.

Not that it isn't for good reason. I sometimes wonder if I'm too demanding of my beauty products, since ideally, the formulas I use are all-natural, beautifully packaged, and as effective as they are gorgeous to look at. There aren't a ton of brands that fulfill this trifecta and fewer still that do it without jeopardizing my rent payment.

So it is beyond refreshing to find a label with a luxurious look and feel that doesn't sacrifice quality for its palatable price point. Founder Kristeen Griffin-Grimes set out to create a collection that would honor both her French beauty roots and her deep-seated passion for cultivating flowers and herbs. The result: Thoughtfully crafted skincare and makeup formulas with simple ingredients that really deliver-and are camera-ready, to boot. But rather than wax poetic about the brand at large, our point is probably better illustrated by counting down some of the best products in the collection.

French Girl LumiГЁre Moonlight Shimmer Oil $50Shop

Come for the intoxicating neroli-jasmine scent, stay for the oh-so-subtle shimmer this mineral-infused body oil leaves on your skin.

French Girl Clear Remedy Roll-On Clear Oil $25Shop

Thanks to a blend of antiseptic essential oils and soothing argan oil, just a drop clears and corrects stubborn blemishes in one go.В

French Girl Neroli Floral Toner $20Shop

A spritz of this pH-balancing floral essenceВ first thing in the morning feels like a breath of fresh air for my complexion.

French Girl Rose Lip Polish $18Shop

If you're not exfoliating your lips, you're not letting them live up to their full potential-and this ultra-pretty sugar scrub is a great way to start.

French Girl Tabac No. 1 Liquid Parfum $55Shop

All of French Girl's scentsВ are lovely with a classic feel-and I'm particularly smitten with this smoky patchouli-based cocktail, which reminds me of an old-school ParisianВ brasserie.

French Girl Lip Tint Terre Rouge $18Shop

This perfectly pigmented tint layers on beautifully while deeply moisturizing lips-not to mention that this terra-cotta hue is right on season.


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