A First Look at Every Product in Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection

A First Look at Every Product in Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection

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Getty/Pascal Le Segretain

Rihanna just won't let us rest. First, she launches her namesake beauty collection nationwide. It has chic packaging, modern formulas, and the same effortless cool of its creator. Then, her Fenty Puma collection shows during New York Fashion Week. And now, she's releasing Fenty Beauty's first-ever holiday collection. The real question: How does she do it?

The first images were released on the brand's Instagram earlier last week. The only thing more exciting than the new products and packaging has to be the fact that the entire collection will beВ released in just a matter of days. Mark your calendars because as of October 13, all of the glorious, covetable beauty you're about to see can be yours. And if you're a fan of glittery holiday makeup looks, you might just jump for joy; there are glitter liners, shadows, lip glosses, and more. Keep scrolling to see Fenty Beauty's entire Galaxy Collection.В

Fenty Beauty

The diamond-shaped shadow pansВ belong to the new Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette, which will retail for $59. It has the very same edgy vibe that Rihanna radiates herself, no? And can we talk about those shades? Green, purple, yellow, pink, red, and blue make it a colorful and shimmery palette that's perfect for all of the cheery holiday looks that your heart desires. Each of the 14 celestial-inspired shadows has a hyper-reflective sparkle finish that gives a 3D effect so you can take your holiday look to new heights.

В Fenty Beauty

The brand is launching a new dual-ended shadow brush to go along with the palette. Use the dome-shaped end to sweep pigment into the crease and lash line. Then, flip it over to the dense end to pat pigment onto the lid for a high-intensity finish.

В Fenty Beauty

The collection also includes the Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner, which will retail for $20. It comes in three shades-a golden nude, emerald green, and sapphire blue. The emerald green, in shade Nepturnt, is pictured here.

Fenty BeautyВ

Alien Bae has a base of blue-black with navy blue glitter suspended inside.В This eyeliner has a super-intriguing formula that we can't wait to try. Once it's applied, it dries down to a metallic finish unless you rub it with your finger or a brush. Then it transforms into a glitter. How do you ask? We have no idea, but that's not going to stop us from buying every single one.

В Fenty Beauty

"Later, Crater" is a subtler (or at least a more neutral) version of the first two liners. It's a taupey-beige shade with glistening gold glitter. The brand suggests trying a glitter ombrГ© eye look. Apply over the whole eye then only rub the section that hits the outer corner of your eye. This will make the liner appear to gradually grow from a metallic to a glitter finish.В

Fenty Beauty

Then, there are two new lip products. First, isВ the Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter, which will retail for $20 and come in four shades. This hot pink shade is called Plutonic Relationship.

Fenty Beauty

This deep red wine color is called Astro-Naughty. Each one of these lip products has an extreme mirror-gloss finish with iridescent micro-glitter inside.

Fenty Beauty

Gal on the Moon is described as an orchid pink. We're calling it: The half lilac, half pink color will suit literally everyone who applies it.В

Fenty Beauty

Spacesuit is a true peach color-that is, if true peach was so glittery and reflective that it gave a 3D quality to the lips. After all, it's not unlike RihannaВ to take a traditional look and put a unique and edgy spin on it.

В Fenty Beauty

Finally, there's theВ Starlit Hyper Glitz Lipstick, which will come in four shades as well, and retail for $19. This one is called Sci-Fly and it's a deep garnet red.

В Fenty Beauty

How beautiful is the orangey-peach lipstick in the shade Supermoon? Each shade is a creamy formula that's drenched in micro-shimmer pigments for a super-reflective metallic effect.

Fenty Beauty

$upanova is the cream counterpart to the Gal on the Moon gloss since it's a matching shimmery-pink orchid shade.

Fenty Beauty

Gravity is a shimmery hot pink color that matches the Plutonic Relationship gloss perfectly.

We're beyond excited and ready at our computers for the October 13 launch. And remember, these are Rihanna products we're talking about, so you can expect these to sell out fast.

Next: watch our editorial director test all of the new Fenty Beauty products IRL.


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