After Years of Searching, I've Found the French-Girl Lipstick of My Dreams

After Years of Searching, I've Found the French-Girl Lipstick of My Dreams

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I might not be sunning myself in theВ south of France right now, but I am channelingВ French-girl makeup vibes all winter long. Whilst I feel like I've got the tousled hair (thank you, Oribe), and raw skin figured out, I've always struggled to find the perfect lip color. You know the one-that muted, pinky-red that comes off more stain, less painted-on. Well, I've finally found it, and from none other than the quintessential French beauty house Chanel.В

The newly launchedВ Les Beige Healthy Glow Lip BalmВ ($53)В in Deep gives a perfect berry stain that's both uncomplicated and universally flattering. Paired with neutral skin, a hint of blush, and a lick of mascara, my winter makeup is sorted. And now, so is yours.В

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Hydrating and foolproof, this balm enhances natural lip color, and gives just a subtle sheen (before drying down to a more matte finish, once the gloss dissipates). It actually works really well as a cheek color too-just use your fingers to pat it on. Add espadrilles and a Rouje dress, and you're basically Jeanne Damas. Put it this way-mine hasn't left my handbag since I got it.В


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