Trust When We Say These Are Some of the Best Gifts for Men

We're going to let you in on a little secret we've learned over the years: Men are always appreciative of the grooming gifts we give them. Even if they're not over-the-moon ecstatic when they open up the gift, we find that the men in our lives end up using whatever we give them on a daily basis. When it's time for them to refill a product, they go out and buy it. So don't be afraid that they're not going to like it or use-they most certainly will. From grooming products to handy organizers, we've rounded up gifts we are planning to give to the special men in our lives.В Click through to see our picks.В

Tom Ford Shave Cream ($75)

For the guy who deserves the most luxurious shave, this shave cream from Tom Ford is creamy, rich, and guaranteed to help give men the cleanest shave ever. It is also made with citrus herbal scent for an awesome scent.В

The MotleyВ Waterproof Jetsetter Tri-Fold Travel Dopp BagВ

You'd be surprised by how many guys are secretly wishing for a nice-looking yet functional carry case for all their grooming products. This sleek black case is a tri-fold that fits everything from nail clippers to mini tubes of shampoo and conditioner. It's perfect for the man who is always traveling.В

Lab SeriesВ MaxcellenceВ The Dual ConcentrateВ ($225) andВ The Singular CreamВ ($160)

Even the most low-maintenance guy won't be able to say no to top-notch skincare. This Maxcellence collection is perfect for the winter as it focuses on locking in moisture. The Dual Concentrate contains a meteorite extract that brightens up the complexion and firms up skin. The cream, also made with aВ meteorite extract, smooths fine lines and helps restore any lost moisture.В

Hugo BossВ BOSS Bottled Tonic ($70)

We've never met a man who did not like a Hugo Boss scent. This newest cologne is made with citrus, apple, and tonic ginger for a fresh scent that is crisp and subtle.В В

The Art of ShavingВ Sandalwood Full Size Kit with Genuine Badger Brush ($95)

The man who takes his shaving very, very seriously deserves a kit that is reminiscent of an old-school barber. This kit includes a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a black genuine badger brush (because it's oh so fancy), and an after-shave balm. All are full-size products scented with sandalwood.В

Harry'sВ The Give Truman Set ($20)

A good shave doesn't always mean you have to shell out the big bucks. This gift set is economical and great for pretty much every guy. It contains the basic razor, shave gel, and cartridges, and it gives just as a good of a shave as some of its pricier competitors.В

Malin + Goetz CannabisВ Hand + Body Wash ($22)

No one is out there saying they don't want soft skin. This hand and body wash is made with amino acids that cleanse the body without drying it and has a cannabis fragrance to give you that warm spicy aroma.

Grown AlchemistВ Amenity Kit ($24)

When guys wonder aloud or complain about how we have a million beauty products, we like to remind them of all the times they've stolen a lip balm or lotion from us. For those who are sick of sharing, we would like to introduce you to the Amenity Kit. It contains a day cream, lip balm, and hand cream soВ your guy has something for every skin need.

IiuvoВ Gilot Eau de ParfumВ ($132)

We're here to make an argument that certain fragrances can work for both men and women. This one from IIUVO is made of neroli, musk, and bergamot to give you that fresh Mediterranean scent.

The RooseveltВ Traveler's Beard Care Kit ($135)В

For the guys who don't shave it all off, they need something to keep their beard clean and well-groomed. This kit contains the essentials: beard wash and conditioner, beard oil, pocket comb, and carry case.В

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