This Shampoo And Conditioner Duo Is Perfect for Damaged Hair

Keratin shampoos, treatments, and hair products get a lot of attention for their strengthening powers. But "keratin" is often used as a buzz word that means little more than "protein." It gives hair and nails their strength, so in theory, the more keratin you have in your hair, the stronger your hair should be. But in reality, too much keratin can cause your hair to become brittle and actually break. So keeping a good keratin balance is key-this is where theВ CHI Keratin Shampoo andВ Keratin ConditionerВ come into the picture.

If you're not coloring your hair, sunbathing, using a hair dryer daily, or spending way too much time with a flat iron, chances are your hair is pretty keratin balanced. But if you're like so many people who find themselves getting regular highlights, spending as much time in the sun as they can, or using hot tools more than 3 times a week; chances are your hair might need a boost.

Think of the bits of keratin as the links that make up the chain of your hair. When keratin is missing from a strand of hair, it becomes weaker and eventually breaks. This leads to brittle hair and split ends. And no matter how many trims you get to take off the dead ends of your hair, the foundation of healthyВ hair really starts at this molecular level.

The CHI Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner work to give hair the keratin it's missing without drying the hair thanks to jojoba and argan oils, which are effective conditioning agents that help to hydrate the hair.

The feel of the shampoo is rich-it's obvious right away that you're not going to need a lot ofВ shampooВ to get the job done. The product lathers up easily and rinses out, leaving your hair sufficiently clean without feeling dried out. And the best part? It smells amazing.

The conditioner is very thick, and distributes very nicely through the hair, untangling and softening the hair right away. While it can be a little heavy forВ super fine hair, but that's easily managed by using less product, keeping the conditioner off of the scalp, and rinsing very well. The conditioner leaves the hair feeling very soft and easy to comb, but without feeling weighed down or greasy. For heavily damaged hair, use this conditioner as a conditioning mask during yourВ conditioning routine, leaving it on the hair for 30 minutes before rinsing for a deep conditioning effect.

Over time, hair will grow longer thanks to the strength added from the keratin. It might even feel like it's growing faster, but in reality, this is thanks to the lack of breakage.

The CHI Keratin line also has an excellent Keratin Leave-in Conditioner and a line ofВ Keratin Silk Infusion products. If you are really battling damaged hair these two products are must-try products for post-shower.