11 Crazy-Affordable Beauty Brands You've Never Heard Of

11 Crazy-Affordable Beauty Brands You've Never Heard Of

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Luxe beauty products are alluringВ until you see the price tag. Although we're all for treating yourself to as many luxury beauty products your heart desires, you shouldn't feel obliged to. What's so cool about the world of beauty is that new, low-key brands are popping up left and right with innovative formulas that offer powerful results. Sure, you can shop prestige products all you want-but nowadays there are equally amazing, hardworking options on the market for a fraction of the price. Long gone are the days when a number defined the quality of a beauty product. If you're still in that mindset, it's time to switch gears and feast your eyes on affordable, indie beauty brands that deserve just as much of your attention.В

These brands aren't talked about enough. You might've skipped past them in a beauty aisle or scrolled through them on a website because they look unfamiliar. Many up-and-coming beauty brands are creating products with various consumers in mind. Ahead are the amazingly affordable indie brands we've been eyeing.

Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray $28Shop

Captain Blakenship offers a line of organic, mineral-based products thatВ do not harm the planet. Just in time for summer, this sea salt spray will leave you with the beach waves of your dreams and a dash of gold shimmer on your strands.

Hue Noir

Hue Noir True Hues Flawless Matte Foundation $20Shop

Hue Noir is a thoughtful makeup line that puts multicultural women first. Specially formulated to enhance dark skin tones, this amazingly inclusive line of foundation delivers buildable, matte coverage that'll feel like it's barely there.

Too Cool for School

Too Cool for School Coconut Milky Mist $14Shop

Calling all K-beauty lovers: This skincare line is for you. Mist your skin with this coconut water-infused spray that'll feel instantly refreshing.В

Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek Showstopper Creme Matte Stain Lipstick $12Shop

If vibrant colors are your thing, Makeup Geek is calling your name. This cruelty-free line of creamy, matte lip stains will douse your lips with pigment that won't budge.

Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint $17Shop

Loraine R. Dowdy foundedВ Coloured RaineВ in 2013 when she longed for more diversity in the industry. These cruelty-free, vegan, and long-lasting lip paints will comfortably hug your lips with color.

Mad Hippie

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum $34Shop

Mad Hippie is a natural skincare line all about using active ingredients that provide efficient results. This Vitamin C serum combines about eight active ingredients like konjac root, ferulic acid, and hyaluronic acid to brighten and smooth dull skin.В


Fatboy Spray Putty $28Shop

Created byВ Tyson Kennedy, founder of the Cutler Salon in Brooklyn, this haircare line will give your strands an at-home salon treatment. The brand turned its infamous hair putty into a spray form "for sexy voluptuous IDGAF hair," according to the product description.В

Red Earth

Red Earth Deep Dive Water Cream $25Shop

This Aussie-born brand uses raw, natural ingredients that'll give your skin a gorgeous glow. Like this gel, water-based moisturizer, which is essentially the tall glass of water your skin's been missing.


Undone Beauty 4-in-1 Matte Shimmer Powder Bronzer $10Shop

Introducing Undone, Amazon's newest beauty brand committed to making women feel beautiful using less. Made with coconut extract for a natural radiance, this bronzer will deliver a dewy glow.В

Juvia's Place

Juvia's Place The Saharan Palette $10Shop

Want the ultimate glow-up for your next vacation? Snag a few of these vibrant, color-rich palettes from Insta-famous beauty brand Juvia's Place. A quick scroll through their feed is proof that these products create breathtaking beauty looks for less.

Awake Skincare Dream Dewdrops Shimmer Serum $32Shop

Tarte Cosmetics re-created Awake, a sister skincare line with products (all under $40)В that infuse Japanese skincare ingredients. This glow-inducing serum will sink into your skin to amp up your natural radiance.


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