10 Products Makeup Artists Love but You Didn't Know Existed

In life we've learned to adopt a very simple motto: Do as a makeup artist would do. (Note: Several variations of this exist, including hairstylist, esthetician, and nutritionist.) With these mantras in mind, we've perfected our at-home blowouts, our skincare routines, our takeout orders, and of course our contour. But occasionally when we're tuning into the wise words of professional makeup artists, they drop a mystery product name and naturally we feel the need inquire about the details.

Viseart Eyeshadow Palette $80Shop

“This is just one of six that I have. They're really convenient and easy to use. The shadows are just really high quality, and they're all made in France. The shimmers are also really soft shimmers, and the mattes are nice and creamy.” - Beau Nelson

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer $24Shop

“Not only does a little go a long way, but it covers everything from dark circles to pimples and doesn't feel heavy or get cakey. It also is vegan, organic, and toxin-free.В My tip for applying is after foundation, use a blotting sheet to take off excess oil where you are going to apply concealer so that it doesn't slide off, and then pat on under your eyes with your ring finger to blend. On pimples, use the tiniest brush you can find (eyeliner brushes work well) and dot on top of the pimple. Lightly pat in and then set with a dusting of powder.” -В Melissa WalshВ

Surratt Expressioniste Brow Pomade $25Shop

“The best product I've been using is the Brow Pomade from Surratt. It's not shiny or stiff, like a brow gel, but keeps the brows in place. Love this formula.” - Fiona Stiles

Wei Beauty Dragon Blood Instant Lift Eye Mask $60Shop

“Wei Beauty is a line everyone should check out. I like its Dragon Blood Instant Lift Eye Mask. Traveling, sleep deprived, or just want a beauty boost in your regimen? Use these for instant results-instant.” - Mary Phillips

Muji Thin Cotton Swabs $7Shop

“I like the tiny little white ones and the black ones. The black ones are really tightly bound, so they don't leave any fuzz anywhere, and the whites are great for inside corners, getting eye boogers out, and just really refining anything that you need.” - Beau Nelson

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara Catch & Curl $26Shop

“I love layering Eyeko waterproof over all mascaras, especially lengthening formulas. In the warm months, I'm able to get the length that I want without worrying about the tips smearing onto the tops of my clients' lids.” - Andre Sarmiento

Sigma Shimmer Cream in Brilliant $16Shop

“You can use this on your eyes if you want just a subtle, wet-looking shimmer, or you can use it on your cheekbones and down your nose. I always have one on me and then in my kit because people love it.В It dries and seals, so it doesn't stay wet and get greasy.” - Denika BedrossianВ

Eylure Brow Pencil $8Shop

“I always have a brow pencil. I use shadow at home when I do my brows, but this is my touch-up pencil. It's a dark, dark brown, almost black, Brow Pencil by Eylure, which is a brand that's known forВ making individual lashes.В But here's an insider tip-they have a large and amazing brow line with waxes, gels, and even stencils and tint kits. It's amazing!” - Denika BedrossianВ

Själ Orbe Eye Contour Crème $180Shop

“Själ Orbe Eye Contour Crème is for the eye area. What I love is that they reformulated it, and they now sell it with these two hematite stones-they're for massaging the cream in and cooling. It's nice to have around if I feel like my sinuses are a little full, or I want to de-puff a little and pay attention to myself, I pull those guys out. You tap the cream in with your fingers and massage with the stones.” - Pati Dubroff

Shu Uemura S Curler $25Shop

“Shu Uemura's S Curler is so cool! The shape of the curler is so unique, and because it's smaller than a traditional curler, it's easier to get to all of the hard-to-reach areas.” - Mai Quynh