The Photogenic Trick Kendall Jenner Uses in Every Picture

The Photogenic Trick Kendall Jenner Uses in Every Picture

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It's no secret that Kendall Jenner looks great, well, always. Her style certainly helps-but her subtle yet statement-making photogenic trick also helps her look flawless in front of the camera. If you look closely, you'll notice she often tilts her head slightly to the right to frame her face and elongate her neck. Why does this work? Well, we tapped Getty Images photographer Steve Granitz (who has photographed the model several times) to get the scoop.

As Granitz explained, this trick will make you look slimmer and younger, and it will accentuate your jawline. Think about your angles-facing the camera straight-on is rarely flattering. Turning your head slightly to the right and lowering your chin gives your facial features depth. Why, you ask? Because this action gets rid of shadows, which can make your face look wider, larger, or slightly discolored. Instead, do what Kendall does-stand slightly sideways and tilt your chin a bit downward and a tad to one side for a universally pleasing look.

Keep scrolling to check out a variety of photos where Kendall practices this trick-and go a bit farther to shop pieces Jenner would love (that will enhance your photos even more).


On Kendall Jenner: Oliver Peoples x The Row Empire Suite Sunglasses ($420); Louis Vuitton x Supreme T-shirt; Gucci Marmont MatelassГ© Mini Bag ($980).


On Kendall Jenner: Versace gown.

Getty Images

On Kendall Jenner: Chanel belt.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

On Kendall Jenner: Calvin Klein tunic; Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals ($398).


On Kendall Jenner: Louis Vuitton blazer and skirt.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for H&M

On Kendall Jenner: Balmain x H&M; jacket, bra, belt, and pants; Francesco Russo sandals.

In addition to Kendall's simple posing trick, here are the products she uses to get camera-ready.В

Moroccanoil Shower Gel $30Shop

One of our favorites-and Kendall agrees-nothing beats iconic Mediterranean-inspired Moroccanoil when it comes to moisturizing your skin.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray $16Shop

The secret to Kendall's ever-coveted, effortless waves? This saltwater-based styling spray. She explains that her hair is "so stick straight and silky," (#supermodelproblems), and this is the perfect solution to get the tousled waves she's constantly seen wearing.

Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer $16Shop

"It makes your foundation last longer and look better," Kendall confirms. In KJ We Trust.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation $64Shop

Kendall is not the only one to swear by this dew-enhancing foundation. This product has every Kardashian's seal of approval-enough said.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler $24Shop

Perfect for the summer (or any day, really) when you feel like going au naturel. "I use this when I'm not wearing any makeup. It makes my lashes pop so I don't need mascara," she says.

EstГ©e Lauder Pure Color Envy Vinyl Lip Color Shameless $32Shop

Kendall definitely implements a more subtle beauty routine than her sisters, but she isn't one to shy away from a bold red lip. "It's awesome," she says of the product. "It's bright, and I love bright. And red is always a good color."

EstГ©e Lauder NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Creme $56Shop

We obviously had to ask what the girl who doesn't need an Instagram filter does for her skin and her answer was simple: Her favorite product (if she had to choose) would be this amazing night cream-it's "amazing," she mused.

H&M Satin Slip Dress $60Shop

This lingerie-inspired slip dress can be worn in so many ways.

Alexander Wang High Waist Tech Twill Pants $525Shop

Jenner is a new member of the khaki pant trend fan club.

Vetements + Champion AppliquГ©d Hoodie $570Shop

Pink makes every photo better.В

Laer Cropped Moto $650Shop

A sleek moto jacket will make any photo that much cooler.

Aritzia Wilfred Free Leila Bodysuit $50Shop

Jenner would wear this on its own or peeking out from under a sheer top.

Cloverpost Large Circuit Hoop Earrings $99Shop

It's possible that Jenner's subtle head turn is also to show off her cool hoop earrings.В

Topshop Hollywood Sock Boots $160Shop

These are worthy of their own shoefie.

Theory Elstana Faux Shearling Jacket $455Shop

Want to add a little drama to your photo? Put on a Jenner-approved fur.

Rebecca Minkoff Boulevard Jean $138Shop

When she's not wearing skinnies, Kendall loves cropped jeans like this pair from Rebecca Minkoff.

Will you test out this trick in your photos? Let us know in the comments below!

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