Note to Self: Start Having More Fun With Makeup Like the Zara Models

Note to Self: Start Having More Fun With Makeup Like the Zara Models

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Zara models usually have that sort of cool-girl, no-makeup-makeup thing going on. All I-woke-up-like-this complexions, brushed-up brows, and bee-stung lips. But for spring/summer 2018, there has been a major shift away from the less-is-more and over to the more-is-more camp.

Where once there was no mascara, there is now bright, sky blue lashes paired not with a bare lid but a wash of in-your-face fuchsia. Elsewhere on the site, graphic, winged-out acid-blue liquid shadow and floating liner are paired with statement earrings. What's the secret to making these sorts of statement eye looks work IRL? Keep the rest of your makeup and hair low-key. Let your complexion shine through under a wash of tinted moisturizer, or on good skin days, forgo base and just use a little concealer. A dusting of blush, brushed-up brows, and a little lip balm is all that's needed to pull off a graphic or painterly eye as bold as these.

Temped to try to re-create these looks? Shop our favorite bright eye products below. Go forth in all your technicolor glory.

The Modern Shadow Wing

Zara MAC Satin Eyeshadow in Electric Eel $17Shop

Use a wet brush to cake this eye shadow onto your lid to create the bold block of winged-out color seen on the model. For a super sharp wing, clean up any fallout with a cotton swap and some makeup remover. Pull your hair back in a low pony to keep all attention on your electric-colored eye makeup.

The Floating Line

Zara NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner $7Shop

NYX's liner comes in orange, pink, and green, so you can literally match your floating liner to whichever part of these bold earrings you like. Simply draw a line near your crease, starting near the inner corner of the eye. Bring it toward the middle of your eye, stopping about halfway there. To take things to the next level, add a sheer swath of peachy-orange shadow beneath the line on your eyelids. Chances are all attention is on your eyes by now, but by parting your hair down the middle and creating swooping bangs, you're sure to perfectly frame your artful makeup.

The Color Clash

Zara BH Cosmetics 26 Shadow Blushed Neutrals Palette $18Shop

This BH Cosmetics palette has a pink shade to suit every mood and skin tone, plus it's a total bargain. If you want to go for a bright pink to really make your blue lashes pop, go for the top middle hue. Or, for a more moody or nighttime look, opt for one of the darker shades of pink. There's no wrong choice.

Sephora Collection Volume ON Mascara in Turquoise ON! $10Shop

Don't dismiss teal lashes until you've tried them. This Sephora Collection mascara comes in green, blue, and this gorgeous turquoise, giving you plenty of options for brightly-colored lashes. For subtle color, gently brush this through your lashes. Or, go all out with multiple coats for maximum effect.


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