Exclusive: Lucy Boynton Goes "Smoked Pastel Teal" for the Met Gala

Exclusive: Lucy Boynton Goes "Smoked Pastel Teal" for the Met Gala

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Until proven otherwise, we're convinced Lucy Boynton is a transplant from the Swinging London era. Her fluttery, supernatural lashes; mod, bottle-blonde bob; and floaty disposition are all makings of a modern-day Jean Shrimpton, she of whom has made waves throughout this year's past award show circuit. Graphic eye looks inspired by unwonted objects like coy fish and telephone lines dreamt up by makeup artist Jo Baker served as premium Instagram fodder, making the once-underground star a household name (well, that, and her heart-warming performance as Freddy Mercury's lover and friend). Needless to say, team Byrdie was waiting on bated breath for the actress' take on this year's Met Gala "camp" theme, and boy, did she deliver.

Courtesy of Jenny ChoВ

"When her stylist sent us over the sketch of her dress, we all envisioned basically a fairy running through a spring field of fresh flowers," says hairstylist Jenny Cho. "We've done so much with Lucy's hair with the length that it is and I feel like as a next step for this look, I wanted to see her hair color change."

A nod to her ethereal, wood-nymph gown, Cho's assistant, Eddie Cook, dyed Boynton's hair what Cho calls "smoked pastel teal." Cho also collaborated with Lelet NYC to create her floral head piece inspire by daisies she'd seen sprouting in neighboring yards.

Courtesy of Jenny Cho

To create soft bends in her hair, Cho first prepped the foundation with SuaveВ Professionals Rose Oil InfusionВ ShampooВ andВ Conditioner and cocktailed a mixture of Sleek Anti-Frizz Smooth & Shine CreamВ and Firm Control Boosting Mousse raked throughout towel-dried hair before blowing out with a small round brush to give the hair "bouncy but somewhat sculpted texture." This gives strands a bit of grit and memory to preserve the style. She then misted sections of hair with Firm Control Hairspray before using the Harry Josh flat iron to create waves using an "over-under" swivel method. To lock everything in, she misted a final protective layer of hairspray.

В Courtesy of Jenny Cho

New York was enveloped in a canopy of ominous fog this evening, so I asked Cho if she had any extra tips for getting the look to stay put. "My little trick is I tease the roots just a little bit, maybe half an inch so that it has a form to the style," she tells me, which served as a precursor to the frizz-fighting cream and mousse mixture prep.

Boynton's rain-cloud hair and glittery starburst eye makeup transformed her into a true earth angel. "She out of anyone can be a real life fairy, and I think we achieved that," muses Cho.

Up next: more jaw-dropping looks at this year's Met Gala.


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