This New Company Uses AI to Completely Personalize Your Skincare Regimen

This New Company Uses AI to Completely Personalize Your Skincare Regimen

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Skincare is by no means one-size-fits-all. How could it be? We're all different in so many ways (geography, genetic makeup, lifestyle choices, etc.), and bio-individuality is just as real in regard to our skin as it isВ to our bodies. One product or ingredient could never work for everyone. That concept was the impetusВ that led CEO and co-founder of ProvenВ Ming Zhao to decide to change the game. "I was working 14-hour days at a grueling private finance equity job in Hong Kong, a job that was literally sucking the soul straight out of my body, and you could see it on my skin,"В Zhao recalls. "Fine lines; premature wrinkles; a dull, lifeless texture; adult-acne breakouts. You name it; I had it. So I did what any sensible person would do: I panicked," she said. From there, Zhao decided to spend a her time and money purchasing every miracle fix and overnight solution she could find, but nothing worked.

It was then that she decided to check in with an exclusive skin specialist who introduced the idea of customized products, which ultimately changed everything for her. "My eureka moment was understanding that only when personal relevant factors are considered (genetics, lifestyle, location, stress levels) can a product truly work for you," she says. "I saw this as a way to make the future of skincare a reality. And it can be done in an approachable way." As it turns out, her co-founder,В Amy Zaoshi Yuan, has a similar story. Yuan was a world-record-breaking computational physicistВ when she was diagnosed with a rare skin condition. That was when she was inspired to build a personal database to help identify which ingredients provided positive results versus negative ones. "Proven is the culmination of both our insights and approaches to hacking beauty," saysВ Zhao.В

SoВ ProvenВ was born. It's a line of skincare products that utilizes technologyВ and science to offer a personalized skin assessment through aВ quiz onВ its website. The line of questioning is meant to create an experience similar to sitting down in front of a dermatologist. Afterward,В it offers a customized skincare solution that's reflective of your skin type, skin goals, lifestyle, ethnicity, and climate. Each product is based on the Beauty Genome Project, a beauty knowledge database in which formulations are driven by millions of data points with specific skin types. The brand uses ingredients based on your assessment to create a simple three-step, all-natural, nontoxic routine. "Many people are currently underserved by the beauty industry," notesВ Zhao. "If you're a minority or male or don't live in a major metropolitan area, the industry doesn't make you a priority." With Proven, she explains, you get different products if you're Asian, pregnant, and living in New York City. Your skin gets different treatment than if you're black, male, live in Seattle, and had a stressful month at work.

The difference is threefold. First, the data and technology. "Cutting-edge data analysis, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms-we're using those and applying to them beauty," saysВ Zhao. Using that knowledge base,В the company has collaborated withВ dermatologists at Stanford UniversityВ to best customize the experience.В "The products created are tailored to you and made based on specifics about you, your genetic background, skin type, plus the level of pollution and the hardness of the water in the city where you live," says Zhao. "So we provide you with just what you need and nothing that you don't- selected from a library of 89 active ingredients."В Then, there's the evolution process, as Proven has created regimens that evolve based on seasonal changes, people's lives changing, a move, having a baby, a change in how someone shaves their facial hair, or if they have an extremely stressful month at work.В That way, the products can seemingly satisfy your needs for life.

I asked one last question ofВ Zhao, one I think is often neglected in all the excitement of a new, innovative way of caring for your skin. For a real beauty devotee, someone who has tried it all and has found skincare they really love and formulas that already work for them,В what would motivate them to switch to these products? "The beauty industry hasn't changed much in the past 50 years,"В Zhao offered quickly.В She saidВ statistics show 55% of post-purchase experience in beauty is negative. "Part of why people become so knowledgeable and obsessed about beauty is because it takes so much time and research in order to find the right products for their skin concerns,"В Zhao says. "Proven exists so that there no longer has to be that battle between the lovers of beauty and the products themselves. We're here to simplify and improve the beauty experience." And with that, I was sold. I filled out the assessment and can't wait to try my new bespoke products. It's fun.В Why not try it out for yourself?В

FYI: I've tried hundreds of serums, and these are the 15 best.


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