Tutorial: The Coolest Braided Updo for Short Hair

Tutorial: The Coolest Braided Updo for Short Hair

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Whoever said short hair was limiting was just plain wrong. While it's true the style options may vary, short-haired girls can have just as much fun as their long-haired counterparts. The one hairstyle that's most often ruled out for short hair is braids, but it doesn't need to be. In fact, all hair lengths can make not only braided looks but also braided updos work. To prove it (and to provide you with an amazing hairstyle), we dreamed up a braided, twisted bun worthy of pinning to your hair board. As with any hairstyle we recommend, it has to be just as doable as it is chic. That's where professional hairstylist Anh Co Tran comes in. With his expert guidance and these step-by-step photos, you can nail this cool braided updo.

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Paley Fairman


Start with your hair parted deep to one side.

Paley Fairman


Grab about a one- to two-inch piece of hair and split it into three even sections. Clip the rest of your hair back to keep it out of the way when you start braiding.

Paley Fairman

Start Braiding

Start braiding either a french or dutch braid. We're going dutch, weaving each new piece we grab under, rather than over (see our full, step-by-step tutorial on how to dutch-braid).

Paley Fairman

Keep Braiding

Pull the braid tight each time you add new hair (there'll be time to muss it up later).

Paley Fairman

Tie It Off

Finish your braid at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair tie.

Paley Fairman

Other Side

Now, braid the other side-same rules apply.

Paley Fairman


Once you get just below your ear, tie off your braid with an elastic. (We're using these hairstylist-favorite clear elastics from Blax, $7).

Paley Fairman

Release and Back-Comb

Undo your first braid, and using a fine-tooth combВ ($2), brush up the braid to mess it up. Lightly pull it apart with your fingers to loosen it, too.

Paley Fairman


Do the same thing to the other side.

Paley Fairman

Twist and Pin

Twist the tails of each braid back toward the nape of your neck, and pin each side back with bobby pinsВ ($2).

Paley Fairman

Twist and Bun

Continue twisting the remaining hair into a low bun. This doesn't have to be perfect-it will look a little disheveled-that's what you what. Secure it all in place with bobby pins. Insert them down into the twisted bun.

Paley Fairman


Finish with a spritz of hair spray (we like John Frieda's Forever Full Hairspray, $7) and your braided updo is good to go.

Paley Fairman

Don't forget to check out our brushed-out waves tutorial, too!

Credits: Hair by Anh Co Tran, Makeup by Stacey Tan, Photographed by Paley Fairman, Modeled by Molli Stumpff, Produced by Clique Studio


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