Yara Shahidi, Issa Rae, and Mandy Moore Wore This $9 Nail Polish to the Emmys

Yara Shahidi, Issa Rae, and Mandy Moore Wore This $9 Nail Polish to the Emmys

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We once learned that Hollywood nail artists always use neutral nail colors on award show nominees so that if the celebrity wins, their nail color won't distract from the trophy as they hold it in photos. That's probably why Essie's soon-to-be-launched Concrete Glitters collection, which will be available next month and features subtle yet beautiful glitter shades, was all over this year's Emmys red carpet.

Essie's cleverly named $9 nail polish are some of team Byrdie's absolute faves-especially the neutrals-so we weren't so surprised to see many of the brand's new glitters and old classics on some of our favorite celebs this evening. Keep scrolling to see the shades used on Mandy Moore, Yara Shahidi, Scarlett Johansson, and other Emmys attendees.


Celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders used a combination of Essie's delicate pink Mademoiselle and Sugar Daddy shades, plus the new Concrete Glitters shade Can't Stop Her in the Copper ($9, available in October), to line the cuticles in order to “create subtle dazzle against a classic nude base.”


Issa Rae's princess-esque ensemble inspired her subtly sparkly nail look. “We used Essie's Venture to the Venue, a shimmering vanilla-white from the brand's new Concrete Glitters collection. The shade was stunning against her skin tone and truly brought the whole look together!” said celebrity manicurist Eri Ishizu.


Essie's new Concrete Glitters shade Beat of the Moment, as well as its light brown Clothing Optional, decorated Yara Shahidi's nails tonight. “When Yara decided on the fabulous pink Gucci gown, I was instantly inspired to emulate the dress's sparkly trim on her nails!… The subtle nail art was perfect for her modern aesthetic,” said manicurist Emi Kudo.


Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer also rocked Essie's new shimmery white-gold Venture to the Venue. “We went for a more-is-more approach with glitter and were inspired by Natalia's golden Dolce & Gabbana gown,” said her nail artist Steph Stone. “We skipped a topcoat and let the unique matte texture of the manicure shine on its own. The final look proved there's no such thing as too much glitz!”


Scarlett Johansson sported some of Essie's most classic shades, Ballet Slippers and Going Steady, for the award show. “For tonight's look, Scarlett wanted her nails to complement her sequined Balmain dress. Essie's classic Ballet Slippers made for a perfect soft pink base, followed by a coat of Going Steady, a sheer ivory shimmer,” says Kudo. “We topped it off with Essie's Speed.Setter topcoat for an ultra-shiny finish to her glamorous look.”


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