This Affordable Australian Skincare Line Is the Next Big Thing

This Affordable Australian Skincare Line Is the Next Big Thing

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If we could have majored in international beauty in college, we would have. It's fascinating to learn the skincare products, brands, and secrets that people around the world swear by for better skin. We've learned some pretty amazing things from our international friends, too, like how Moroccan women use clays and oils in their beauty routines and how some Swedish women make DIY face masks and use ice to treat their skin each morning. That's not even mentioning the deep wealth of knowledge we've gleaned from Korean girls (here at Byrdie HQ, K-beauty is one of our greatest and truest loves).

The newest international beauty brand that we've been buzzing about is an Australian skincare and cosmetics line called Red Earth. The company produces effective, non-toxic products that are inspired by its home continent's low-maintenance and effortless beauty aesthetic. If you're not familiar with the brand, you soon will be since Red Earth will be making its stateside debut later this fall. (We can't wait.) Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite skincare products from the brand.

Red Earth Hydrate Refreshing Cleanser With Tasmanian Sea Kelp $20Shop

Byrdie's senior editor,В Halle Gould, loves this cleanser. It's formulated with Tasmanian sea kelp, which is a highly moisturizing seaweed gathered off the Australian coast. It also includes shea butter and cucumber extract, so it's as gentle and nourishing as it is cleansing. The texture reflects that since it's a lotion/cleanser hybrid that feels soft and creamy while it lathers on the skin.

Red Earth Brighten Rejuvenating Serum With Kakadu Plum $45Shop

Next up is this brightening serum that's approved by Byrdie's editorial director, Faith Xue. The star ingredient is Kakadu plum extract. These Australian plums are super potent in vitamin C (which we all know is the ingredient for diminishing sun spots, uneven texture, and discoloration). It also has other naturally sourced ingredients to nourish skin, including wild yam root extract, fennel seed extract, and tangerine peel oil.

Red Earth Hydrate Supercharge Serum With Tasmanian Sea Kelp $41Shop

Another serum from the brand, this one is all about locking hydration into your skin post-cleanse. It includes the same super-moisturizing seaweed as the cleanser, as well as marine collagen to make dull, tired skin look wide awake and supple. Byrdie's editorial director loves it.

Red Earth Brighten Revitalizing Cream With Kakadu Plum $42Shop

If the brightening serum piqued your interest, then chances are that you'll love following it up with this moisturizer. Again, it's formulated with an extract from the Australian Kakadu plum, which is the aforementioned super-rich source of vitamin C. It also has licorice root extract (which can help with redness), orange peel oil, and lemongrass extract. So yeah, it smells amazing too.

Red Earth Have Fun Hydrating Facial Mask 12 pcs $24Shop

These sheet masks are hydrating and soothing. They're pumped with aloe vera, sugar cane, turmeric, and Chrysanthellum. We love the brand's emphasis on natural ingredients! Plus, they come in super-cute individualized sachets that come with different illustrations and images. We know that's not the most important aspect of a skincare product, but who doesn't love nice packaging?

Which product are you most excited to try? Tell us in the comments. Next, see the $14 all-natural deodorant that Jessica Alba loves.


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